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Critical Financial Issues: Financial Times Briefing

Critical Financial Issues: Financial Times Briefing

A concise and pithy reference guide that gives senior managers and executives powerful, practical and accessible guidance on everything they need to know about running a profitable, cash generating business unit offering real shareholder value. For non-financial executives in a key functional or general management position its important to understand the critical financial issues that affect their business unit. This book will give you an understanding of these financial issues so you can understand the impact they will have on your operational decisions, as well as be able to recognise when they are taking risks and how to evaluate those risks.Structured in the series format of the Financial Times Briefing series, concise, pithy and to the point, these books offer:o Powerful, practical advice to help executives make essential business decisions. o A concise and focused overview to give executives the crucial information they need.o Special design to help busy business leaders get the knowledge they need, fast.

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